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Only One player may play at a time in this 3 player couch co-op game!

Defend the castle from the endless onslaught of evil oozes and protect your Queen! Manage your time and resources effectively by switching control between players. Fire exploding slime balls, collect enemy loot and convert it into usable resources,  repair your structures and fight fires cause by exploding meteorites.

Grab two friends for an action-filled, frantic race against time!

Made in Unreal Engine 4.

Made by: 

Luke Mason (Visual Effects), Josh Husting (Programming, Design), Damen Birtola (Programming, Design), Zack Lawrence (Programming, Design, Sound), John Knaw (3D Art), Taylor Reyland (3D/2D Art, Design), Alex Perrotti (Sound, Design, 2D Art)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GooeyCastle


GooeyCastle1.2.zip 213 MB

Install instructions

This game is designed to work with 3 players, however you can play with one (it's just a little easier). 

After launching the game, make sure to click on the screen. Then, press B on every controller you wish to play with. 
There is a known bug that could cause this sequence to break if player one isn't the first person to press B, so make sure they press B first if you are having that issue.

You can play the single player version with a keyboard, here are the control equivalents:

Move - WASD
A Button - F/Left Click
B Button - B
Start - tab
Left Bumper - Q
Right Bumper - E
Right Stick (Aim) - Move Mouse

Check out this great graphic I spent way too much time on!

Development log


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Love this game!!! <3

Thank you! So humbled to have a Let's Play


you never have to be humbled!! Your talent and dedication alone is Amazing to me.

I humbly thank you for making an awesome game!!


 I am so impressed with the level of the art and environment. It  is so high quality and beautifully done. The storyline is also well thought out .  This game is so fun and people will love playing this. 


Hello! Have fun playing our game! If you encounter any bugs or would like to suggest a change please leave a comment! We will try to fix bugs and make changes in one big patch after voting is over!